Target and Starbucks Mini Mart

by Brittany Witek on December 28, 2020

Every Monday morning my daughter and I would go grocery shopping at Target and of course stop by the Starbucks to grab a coffee and cake pop. She’s always shown interest in helping put the groceries on the conveyor belt and inserting the credit card. Every time an employee scans an item, she would say “thank you”. Once we get home she loves helping me bring in the groceries, put them away and of course have another snack. After realizing how much she loves Target and Starbucks I asked my parents to help me make her a special Christmas gift!


What you’ll need to build the Starbucks stand

(we got everything from Menards)

1 - ¼” x 8” x 4’ Red Oak (Yellow in pictures)
1 - 6 cube organizer (we used Java finish)
3 - 1” x 3” x 3’ Red Oak (Red in pictures)
4 - 1” x 3” x 4’ Red Oak (Purple in pictures)
1 - Handy Panel ¼” x 24” x 48” (we used the Java side) (Orange in pictures)
1 - 8 fl oz Christmas Green Paint or any other color similar to the Starbucks green

- You can buy different materials besides Red Oak. We used pre cut pieces individually wrapped.

(these are approximate dimensions)

1. Assemble the 6 cube organizer (you do not need to use the back panel that it comes with)
2. Cut the ¼” x 8” x 4’ Red Oak 37 ½” in length
3. Cut 2 of the 1” x 3” x 4’ pieces in half and keep the other 2 the length they are
4. Cut three of the 1” x 3” x 3’ Red Oak as follows
    a. 4 - 1” x 3” x 6 ⅝” out of 1 board
    b. 2 - 1” x 3” x 32 ⅜” out of 2 boards
5. Cut the Handy Panel to ¼ x 19” x 32 ⅜”
6. Paint the Red Oak green (we did two coats)
7. We added a coat of poly on all the green boards (optional)
8. Assemble wood framing on the unfinished side of the cube with screws or nails.(Pre-drill holes where you put your screws)(refer to pictures of where everything goes)
9. Add wood glue to cube organizer and stick the Handy Panel on (nail to secure)
10. Add decals
      a. I used my Cricut to cut out “STARBUCKS” and the logo.
      b. White and green permanent vinyl

Amazon links:

Cake Pop Playset

Coffee Playset

I used my Cricut to add the Starbucks logo over the logos on the coffee playset.
- White and green permanent vinyl


What you’ll need for Target

- Melissa and Doug Grocery Store
- Primer spray paint
- Red spray paint
- Clear high gloss fast drying sealer/finish

1. Lightly sand all the green plastic parts
2. Prime the green plastic parts
3. Apply tape and paper to any part of the grocery store that you don't want red        (this will prevent the spray paint from going everywhere)
4. Spray paint the green plastic parts red (might need two coats)
5. Spray on a clear high gloss fast drying sealer/finish
6. Follow the Melissa and Doug instructions and put together
7. Add decals

- I used my Cricut for all the decals

Grocery Store

Checkout area

Shopping cart

- All of the food is Melissa and Doug brand